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Data Methodology

When designing data methodology for organisations our experienced specialists focus on taking the time to understand customer expectations, ensuring positive outcomes.

We define your business values, examine with you your overall architecture, and analyse your data management processes. We discuss with you scheduling milestones and pricing, and ensure that deliverables are produced, on time and within budget.

Our specialists emphasise designing methodologies that encourage rapid development and quality outcomes.

Data Scrubbing, Cleaning & Repair

Do you have a lot of "garbage" in your data? Most organisations, to some degree, do.

The quality of your data directly affects the quality of your business decisions. With low-grade data sometimes caused by poorly designed systems (data not adequately validated before storage), poor internal processes (causing corruption of the data in regular use), or data merged from different systems (purchased, acquired, or inherited).

Our data specialist sort and validate data, remove duplicate and erroneous entries, find lost data, repair partial entries and merge data from different sources into a common format.

High quality data is the vital foundation for a BI architecture. Many clients incorporate data scrubbing services when implementing a data warehouse.

Data Conversion

Legacy data represents a valuable asset. It can also be an operational challenge when the time comes to change systems.

Polymorphic Solutions, has extensive experience in converting data, migrating information between systems, and extracting data from a large number of systems.

Data Warehousing

Do you have a complete understanding of your organisation, customers, and suppliers?

Our data warehousing specialists integrate disparate data into a central source of accurate, reliable and integrated information, improving your reporting and decision-making capability and uncovering a wealth of hidden information.

Your decision-makers will be able to quickly access and mine core data, obtain a holistic view of the organisation, make decisive and confident decisions, maximise short-term results, whilst planning and preparing for your future business objectives.

Our Data Warehousing specialists provide an end-to-end analysis, solution design and implementation service ensuring effective and efficient data warehousing solutions. We focus upon ensuring that quality information is distributed throughout your organisation in the most convenient form, and is immediately accessible any time, any place.

Our Data Warehouses are designed to be scalable, intelligent, and flexible, easily adapting to platform changes, database additions, and changes to business requirements. We leverage your existing hardware, software, data (legacy and non-legacy) and human resources, extending your ROI.

Polymorphic Solutions focus upon creating business value, developing repeatable processes, and providing an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) on your data warehouse.

Polymorphic Solutions has extensive experience in:

  • Relational Database Technologies
  • Multi-dimensional database technologies
  • Development technologies
  • Data warehouse design
  • Business processes analysis
  • Business Intelligence Technologies
  • Data Warehouse audits & redesign.
  • Implementing data dictionaries and CASE repositories

Mine your most valuable resource! Contact us to turn your data into information, and your information into a platform for success. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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