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Organisations choose Polymorphic Solutions comprehensive outsourcing solutions because of our commitment to developing collaborative relationships, creating high performance support operations, and achieving substantial enterprise performance improvements.

We bring to the table market knowledge, process management skills, and insights into technologies to help you achieve your goals.

Polymorphic solutions delivers tailored solutions to clients across a broad range of industries. Our outsourcing solutions include:

Outsourcing Management

Polymorphic Solutions offer organisations independent advice and assistance in all facets of outsourcing including identifying non-core functions for outsourcing, when and how to outsource, contract and project management, as well as, restructuring existing outsourcing arrangements. Our consultants can enhance your outsourcing decision-making capability and help you achieve cost-efficiencies.

Contact us to help you enhance the performance, quality and communication of your outsourced needs. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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Business Application Service Provider (Business ASP)

Polymorphic Solutions provide Business ASP solutions that offer your organisation the opportunity to outsource the management and maintenance of your Business Applications and systems.

Polymorphic Solutions Business ASP solutions can be delivered:

  • On-site Your organisation maintains complete control over your hardware and data, including the physical location, and physical security of the system, whilst we manage and maintain software licensing, access and your data.
  • Off-site Your data and your (or our) hardware is located at a dedicated secure facility. You, or the facility, manage your hardware and we manage and maintain your software licensing, access and data.
  • Customised Solution We can customise a solution to fit your particular needs and requirements.

Our Business ASP solutions ensure that your staff has easy access to their email, documents, customer information, and marketing data, 24/7. Information is easily accessed and managed by authorised users any time and any place.

Our tailored solutions provide organisations with the following advantages:

  • Authorised users have access to data and systems anytime, anywhere, 24/7
  • Collaborative features decrease time to market in global business environments
  • Immediate time to delivery, easier to integrate acquired organisations/assets
  • Flexible & Scalable grows with your business needs
  • Cash flow friendly, Minimised capital outlays
  • Lower and transparent pre-calculable costs
  • Decreased in-house IT expenses
  • Keep abreast with technology for less investment
  • Single sourced supplier, one IT-contact for all IT-resources.
  • Ready access to scarce human resources and sought-after skills
  • Increased security - Independence from end user device will protect investment
  • Access and store information in a centralised data storage facility
  • Built-in redundancy and backup
  • Optimisation of customer management
  • Up to the minute Marketing data

Our team of dedicated and experienced staff support and manage the health, software licensing, security, day-to-day activities of your database systems, whilst your staff and management team are free to focus on achieving organisation goals.

Contact us to discuss tailoring a Business ASP Solution to meet your organisational needs. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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Database Management

Our DBAssure™ service ensures your information is easily accessible to authorised users, 24/7. Our team of dedicated and experienced staff support and manage the health, security and the day-to-day activities of your database systems, whilst you maintain complete control over your hardware, the physical location, and physical security of your system.

The DBAssure™ team is based in our Brisbane Australia office, with on-line and mobile phone links to single or multi-site operations. We support small and large-scale Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Ingres databases. More information ...

Contact us for stress-free Database support solution, on +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today for more information.

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Application Management

We provide you with the on-going support, maintenance, enhancement and evolution of your application environment, be it legacy, client/server or web-based. Your Application Management support service is managed and measured according to your customised Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Our Application Management Service Level Agreement can include:

  • Maintenance - corrective and preventative day-to-day application support
  • Enhancement - perfective alterations, expansions, adaptations, and evolvements to new or existing applications
  • User Support - application help desk and issue resolution management
  • Service Management - Resource and IT investment management. Service planning, control, monitoring, reporting and quality management.

We are able to customise a SLA to include not only Application Management, but also Database Management, Business Application Provider services, and consulting services. Have a sales representative contact me.

Contact us to support, maintain, enhance and evolve your application environment. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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Solutions Development Outsourcing

Our experienced technologists are ready to design, deploy, manage, enhance and customise your business applications, incorporating quality and efficiency at every stage of the process. More information...

Contact us about building, integrating and deploying a solution that unifies your people, information and processes. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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Technology & Business Consulting

At Polymorphic Solutions we take satisfaction in delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective technology services. Our highly skilled and motivated technology specialists, business consultants and certified trainers are experienced at maximising technology investments and increasing business performance.

Consultants and specialists are available for short consultancy assignments through to major project management and systems integration, application outsourcing or development projects. More information...

Contact us to organise for a technology specialist, business consultant, and / or certified trainer to maximise your IT investment. Call +61 7 3236 5588 or email.

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Report Design Help Desk

Polymorphic Solutions provide an ad-hoc Crystal Reports Help Desk service which compliments Crystal Decisions Priority Technical Support, and provides a flexible, ad-hoc, low-cost, support option.

The Report Design Help Desk is a flexible arrangement catering for a variety of queries and issues. Issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner over the telephone or via our remote connection. More information...

Need a Crystal Report Help? Contact us for a Help Desk agreement and your ticket out of report related stress, on +61 7 3236 5588 or via email.

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