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Cutting the Costs of Database Management


It isn't often that a solution can claim to improve your service and cut your costs at the same time, but that is exactly what DBAssure offers. We ARE NOT a staff augmentation service... we ARE NOT a bunch of high-priced consultants... and we DO NOT send your work off-shore to another company. We are a dedicated team of DBAs that take over the day-to-day operations of your database environments. This solution has proven effective in immediately reducing budgets for support while providing more efficient databases.

Why Does It Cost Less?

Remote Database Administration is a whole new paradigm from working with an in-house DBA... it is a complete solution. When you pay an internal DBA, you pay salary, benefits, and superannuation packages. You also pay for vacation, sick days, holidays, and training days. When you buy a single consultant, you get only a single set of database knowledge and skill.

With DBAssure administration you pay a set monthly service fee that is, on average, 50-80% less than the costs of a fully loaded DBA. For that service fee you get 100% coverage by a team of expert DBAs with a broad range of database experience. You set the level of service you expect for each database instance... and we meet those service levels.

Reduced Costs Sample


Internal Staffing

DBAssure Solution

Average Annual Salary

$75, 000

Not Applicable

Average Benefit Compensation


Not Applicable

Average Training Costs


Not Applicable

Average Cost of Materials and Administration


Not Applicable

Average Office Space Costs


Not Applicable

Holidays, sick days


Not Applicable

Recruitment Cost


Not Applicable

Fully Loaded Costs


From $6,000 pa


40 hours per week

24x7 365 Days

Contact us to find out how a database support agreement can be tailored to meet your needs. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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