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How does it improve efficiency?


DBAssure Services Improve Your Corporate Efficiency

Within your organisation, many of your systems are likely to be backed by a database.  When you consider how critical databases are to the operational efficiency of your organisation, the maintenance of this infrastructure becomes apparent.  DBAssure provides a higher level of availability and a higher level of database effectiveness. This directly impacts your users by making the systems they run faster and more reliable.

Increasing Corporate Efficiency

Smooth and efficient organisations are more productive and more profitable. Making sure that your databases are performing at their peak helps you keep your employees productive. DBAssure helps ensure that you minimize downtime and that your databases don't bog down causing a loss of productivity. DBAssure enables this through a team approach that applies 24/7 coverage with a proactive style of management that avoids most problems before they occur.

Proactive Management

Downtime can cost companies thousands, even millions, of dollars each year. Databases can fail for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons for failure is a simple lack of maintenance.  Between supporting new software development, attending strategy meetings and training, it is often hard for an internal Database Administrator to focus on being proactive. More often than not, problems aren't recognised until they have already affected the company's bottom line.

With DBAssure, our database experts are focused on one thing - keeping your databases secure and running at peak efficiency.  All standard service agreements begin with DBA experts performing an obligation free and detailed assessment of all databases supported.

With pre-set service levels, our team can then concentrate on proactively tuning your databases, backing up your data and avoiding problems before they occur. This frees your resources to focus on strategic tasks without the worry about doing the daily upkeep.

No Hassles. 24/7

The biggest impact of any new technology implementation is the on-going operational support that is required to maintain it. For databases that support global companies or around-the-clock operations, this support must go on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days every year. The burden is finding, retaining, and scheduling the right people for around the clock coverage.

The difference we can make for your business…


The Standard Consultant

       Single thread of expertise

       Inconsistent training

       No backup personal without $$

       Can’t scale with peak needs



DBAssure Team Solution

       Shared knowledge

       Team fully certified

       Solution pricing not hourly rate

       Scales to any size of project

With DBAssure this burden is completely removed from your organisation. Our DBA team consists of a group of well-trained database specialists with a broad range of experience. Our service provides around the clock monitoring and 24 hour on-call emergency response. There are no more issues about schedule conflicts, no more issues about finding and retaining the right people.

We handle it all.

Our standard services include 24x7 Database Monitoring which provides early warning of problems. This kind of monitoring notifies us of potential issues, allowing our team to respond before you are even aware of the problem.

Contact us to find out how a database support agreement can be tailored to meet your needs. Telephone +61 7 3236 5588 or email us today.

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